1. The package has not arrived

This can happen for many reasons. However, no matter what they are, you still have some difficulties in handling this issue.


  • Observe the service at the post office you use. Make sure that staff put your outgoing packages in the right bins, and that they charge you for the correct postage (it's fantastic when they make a mistake and charge less, but that could mean your package is going to the wrong place).
  • Use PayPal or USPS shipping labels and skip not only post office lineups, but major lost package headaches. Online shipping tools are available in two ways, either go to USPS's website and enter all the information, or pre-pay directly in PayPal on your customer's receipt (click "print shipping label"). In my experience, using prepaid services online makes shipping more reliable and faster – an added bonus for customers!
2. The customer felt the package took too long to show up

Sometimes, your sales team will suddenly a complaint email for the reason why they hasnt recieved the items. It can depend the distance or delay of delivery patner but as the retailer, you need a smart solution.

  • State your location and delivery time frames loud and clear, so customers never feel unsure about how long an item will take to arrive. If your packages typically take more than two weeks to arrive, say so rather than underestimate – even if it affects sales.  Word-of-mouth referrals are more important than new buyers, in my opinion, and that angry customer is likely to tell lots of people about the shipping delay.

  • Be honest about how long it will take you to send out an item, especially with custom orders. Customers need to know that you'll be creating the item after the sale.

  • Even if your items are ready to ship, be accurate about how long it will take you to get them to the shipping or postal service. It's better to be honest and say it could take up to a week than to lie and have a customer see the postal date when they receive it. Trust me.

3. The item arrived damage


Actually, it isnt sometimes your fault but the customers just can ask you for this problems. You can not say “It’s my fault, I can’t do anything”, they will never come back.

  • Always pay for extra insurance, even if the customer doesn't opt-in. It will make for bad business if you tell a customer, "Sorry, you didn't buy insurance so you are out of luck". The best way to avoid losing profit, while offering added protection for your customers, is to build the insurance cost into your product price. Normally this fee is between 50 cents and $2, which makes very little difference to a product's selling price. It also gives customers peace of mind when they see "insurance included" and allows you to cover costs should an item go missing or get damaged.
  • Don't skimp on peanuts or packing materials, even if you just ran out. Once I skimped on a package because I ran out of materials, and instead of finding newspaper or tissue around the house, I let it slide and sent it out. Within two weeks I got an angry email and had to issue that customer a full refund. Get off your butt and find something to use or go out and buy some more supplies.
  • Contact the post office. If you feel you did everything you could for the item to arrive intact, call your post office and tell them about your problem. Often they will issue a credit for the value of the item or even send you a voucher for the next shipped item.

Hope that 3 above neat tips below, you can know what to do while being stuck in these accidents. Now. Let try Inventory extension at Magestore for more solution of inventory and shipping!

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