Due to a drastical change in ecommerce software, both leaders and newcomers are wondering which platforms will make tremendous waves. We all guess if it is just an accidental happening or a new star rising.
WooCommerce appears to be the black horse, which made us stand still in curiousity, if it has anything to do with ecommerce or more about blogging. In this post we’ll try to find out the differences of stores made on Magento and WooCommerce and their characteristics to compete with other.
Study Description
This study explores Magento and WooCommerce based online stores extracted from the Alexa 1 million top web sites list and their particular features. It reveals the differences of the mentioned above site groups by languages, countries, ecommerce functionality, and commercial branches.
Randomly chosen from the parent population the study examines 1% size samples or about 300 web sites based on Magento CE, Magento EE, and WooCommerce. Magento CE and Magento EE are studied separately since their target audience and price models differ greatly, what makes their stores different, as a result.
WooCommerc—É is really less successful and mostly takes positions from 700 thousand to 1 million. Magento CE is mostly equally spread along the chart positions, while Magento EE is largely situated within the 100-400 thousand positions range. However, on the average Magento CE and Magento EE are not so dramatically different with the 565241 and 535475 average positions, while WooCommerce takes only the 727164th average place.
In this battle, clearly Magento gets the upper hand on WooCommerce. But will this last permanently, which only time can tell.

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