This is like my first achievement of my life. And I can’t imagine that it will happen this way.
I am 3-year student  from a university in South California. A year ago with my little money I have decided to start an online business. At that time, Matcha Power is the big trend. I took that as an opportunity, put it on my online store, and I have to say, my store made a pretty good income.
After about 6 months, orders don’t come as many as at the first place, however, the sales still good enough for me to keep running the store.
Recently, I have wondered that Is there any way I can make my store come back to the game.
Think so hard about it, so how I get more orders, of course I have to get more customers, and marketing is the exact tool for me to reach my purpose. An online business without marketing is just a site showing product and be impossible to make money
Wait to the end for my store sales, now let talk about the way I made it.
I start looking, finding information, not an easy time. And finally come up with three ideas for marketing.

First, as always it is, I start with an easy one, I decide to try E-mail marketing, one of the most popular way of marketing.
And you know that, the website such as Constant Contact or Campaigner can give up to 5000 contacts with only 20-50 dollar per month. I also surprise a little at the first place. However, after 2 months sign up for the service, I know my money was not wasted. A number of customers come directly to my store from the email ads is about between 500-600 per month, I think that is really high for a conversion rate.

At the same time, I learn how to optimize my SEO work. For the people don’t know a lot about this, this is the way I increase the rank of my website on Google. It means when you search for my product on Google, my store should appear at the top.
I own a blog and some other sites which talk about my product, make my store become more popular. Not only me, a lot of online store owners do the same thing as I do. It’s effective, I must say that. Traffic coming to my blog like crazy, somehow I really know how to attract people :) However, that’s right, there always has a “However”, customers come to my store is not as many as I expect.
With a number of blog traffic is about 500 per day, I think if just half of that number come to my store will bring me a lot and a lot of money. And I think, what if I can put my product right on my blog and the other sites, customers do not have to come to my store to buy stuff, they can do that as soon as they find interested in the product.
Thanks to my friend, he introduces an extension for me to do what I think. Have you known about Magento Product Widget? 6 months ago I completely have no idea what it is. After listen to him, I start to find out. I think two topics below contain almost the information of this extension.
For the things I know, besides the feature of Adding embedded product on any site (exactly what I want), it allows users to Create the Widget in 2 types, just Customize in a few clicks and View detail report for widget or domains.
After buying, install and do some other quick stuff, I can put a widget like this on my blog:
It is so much convenient, customers go to my blog, and they don’t have to go to my store to buy stuff, any time they get interested in something, just click on the widget, it lead them straight to the checkout page. Because of that, my blog traffic becomes useful than ever. Instead of making customers come to the store, you can bring the product in front of them, right?
  • Overview.
  • Comparison
  • Comparison
Final idea of me, the purpose is still about to expand the scale of customers. I decide to Collaborate with other stores, of course is not my competitors. I contact with about over 10 online stores. Having good business relationships will be really helpful sometimes.
They allow me to put the widget on their sites, post some articles about my stores, and I do the same for them. By this way, I can reach to the customers never comes to my store before. Really effective, right?

As I say, you can believe or not, my store sales has been double. My efforts is not wasted, even a little. Just a day I want to share my experience, hope it can be helpful. Thank for reading my post. And you can learn more from these posts:

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