One of the most important things which are used to measure how effective the Magento popup is a conversion. When visitors click the submit buttion of popups, it's considered as a conversion. The more conversion we can gain, the more effective popups are. However, sometimes, popups can make visitors annoy when visiting your website because of irrelevant information. Here are 5 ways to make the successful popups.

1. Think big picture

It is true that your popup is one of the most important things which are used to build your business and your subscriber list. You need make sure that you are giving attention to the other component of your plan. Magento popup form might includes one of 6 elements below: 
  • Embedding email subscription forms on your site
  • Nurturing referral sources that are producing traffic (Click Activity (Stats) > Referrers in Squarespace)
  • Identifying characteristics of your subscribers so you can better target them
  • Creating great content to attract organic site traffic
  • Making existing subscribers and customers happy to attract word-of-mouth traffic
  • Running ads to attract paid site traffic

2. Choose your words wisely

Almost all of visitors only look at your popup just a few seconds. Therefore, you should make the most of what you say. You can consider this setence: "Submit your email address to subscribe to our list". 
 When they see this message, they can understand that you are soliciting their email address and they can be annoyed by your spam mail or advertisement. This sentence is a waste of those precious few seconds of attension you get from your customers at the first sight. Stop it and replace it with one that will bring them many benefits from subscribing. Make them know clearly what they will gain.
Especially, you need to create the popups which make your visitors smile. A large number of popups is successful because it has humor details. When you make your visitors smile, you can increase the percentage of oppotunity that they accept your offer as well as subscribe.

3. Consider visuals matter

You need to remember that your popup is kind of like the front of a box of laundry detergent. Its visual is eye-catching to attract your visiors to avoid them dismiss it quickly. You should design popups which are 300-800 pixels wide with a clean, attractive appearance of magento popup banner that should match the underlying website or complements it well. 
If you can't design the popups well, you can consider getting some helps to do it. For example, Magento popup extension is one of the best method which helps you design the attractive one because they provide many attratcive theme. When you have more healthy subscribers, you have more key component of your business plan.

4. Remember that timing is tricky

One of the surest ways to lose the subscribers is to display your popup before your visitors get a chance to absord your website. They will close the magento popup message immediate. It means that you don't have any chance to ask them to send you their email or subscribe. The suitable time of the absolute minimum delay is 10 seconds. The time they need to asses what you're saying or doing before deciding whether to opt in is from 20-60 seconds. 
Actually, you can lose your subscribers by waiting too long. It's the reason why timing is so tricky. In order to identify the suitable time, you should test it in a week or more. By doing that, you have enough data to draw conclusions.

5. Give, Give, Give

Many professors in Marketing field mentioned that when you are approaching somebody you don't know, don't ask them something - give them something. As a result, in order to increase the conversion rate, you should give them a gift or an award. 
For example, you can give them a discount of any your product such as 20% off their next purchase. 
In addition, you can also give the gift of curiosity like top 10 greatest tips for writing CV when they send you their email address. When you do it, they will satisfy to trade their email address.

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