How Magento 2 one step checkout extension help increasing user experiences?

Have you ever gotten so mad and abandoned your online shopping session at checkout page? Have you ever wondered about what would help you solve user experience on checkout process problem when you become an online shop owner? Check this out, magento 2 one stepcheckout could help by greatly increasing user experience.

Benefits of faster checkout come with real number

 There’s no kidding that one step checkout extension increase sales by 60%. Basing on Magento platform, developed by Magestore – One Step checkout for magento 2 introduce a whole new level of checking out. Default complex checkout process will be replaced, all checkout fields would now be logically arranged on only one page. As the result of this, customers does not have to wait and you will happy with 30 percentages inreasing in conversion rates.

Which features of one step checkout make customers love it?

With one single checkout method, magento 2 one step checkout helps customers follow their cart easier and faster. Furthermore,many improvements was made on Magento 2 one step checkout module in compare with Magento 1 version to maxmimum its value.

1.       40% faster than default Magento checkout

Simpliest is best: Material design using cutting edge techniques along with the best user interface and user experience layouts save nearly half of time one checking out rather than older steps.

2.       One step checkout extension compatible with other magento extensions

Just like usual, each magento plugins could easy compatible with each others which mean you can build your own “perfect” checkout page  with your own idea by integrating One Step checkout with other related Magento extensions. Don’t be afraid, you couldn’t imagine how easy they are working together well. If have some troubles, ask Magento community as they are very active.

3.       Default Material checkout design with own style

Changing “clothes” for your checkout page up to customers favorite color and “shape” is possible right now. Not only you can decide page layout with 2 or 3 columns of information but you can satisfy the toughest customers by changing layout style and “Place Order now” button color. Checkout title and  description  can also be changed by yourself.

4.       Checkout in responsive devices

How many times has your customers complained about checkout process and style on other devices or they abandoned their order without any comment? As more and more people are tend to use mobile devices to shopping, you should keep an eye on this. But you don’t need to worry from now on because One Step Checkout extension will do all the rest. All checkout modules can adapt to anyscreen resolution even it’s the weirdest device.

5.       Multiple payment, store pickup and shipping methods

Your customers purchased will never been easier with any kind of currency accepted plus any ways to pay for the goods. After that, they can choose the nearest store to get product or choose shipping if they couldn’t arrive to get. Time and date are set up automatically and logically for any free time of customers.

As a store owner, there nothing worse than older abandonment at the last step of a sales process because of a cumbersome checkout. This extension improves order fulfillment because of its intuitive and well designed layout … making it quick and easy for customer to take that last step. One step check out is feature rich and the best choice that will help you make the sale!... And that is good for bottom line.
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