Step 1: Download Magento

The suitable method we recommend for downloading Magento with fresh in own content and setup is the free Magento download.
Create an user name and password before being able to download. Once have done this, can download Magento Community Edition free and apply it to website without any additional registration required.
Magento does offer a paid version of its primary e-commerce software targeted towards larger online retailers for a fee, which called Enterprise Edition. At this time, we highly recommend Magento Community Edition, especially if you are getting started for the first time and would like to take advantage of MagentoDownload's themes and extensions.

Step 2: Set Up the Database

Magento presently only runs on MySQL databases. There is a dropdown in the installation process that would indicate additional database types are supported, though this is not presently the case.
Set up an username and password for Magento that has write permissions to the database.
Once the new MySQL database is set up and ready, please continue to the next step of installation.

Step 3: Upload Magento

Now upload the full release package of Magento directly to your own server and unpack it there, if your hosting provider allows. The .zip or .tar.gz file contains everything one needs to initiate installation in its root.
It's possible to upload this via FTP, Web-based file manager, or whichever method a hosting provider prefers.
Simply unpack it where  Magento site appear in the server's file system (typically the www root if it will be your primary site on the domain), and you are ready to access the installer.

Step 4: The Installation Wizard

The Magento installation wizard allows anyone to complete initial setup of the new site using his or her browser. Accessing the wizard can be done right after uploading and unpacking the installer into the desired directory. It's necessary to navigate to the root directory for the Magento site.
If you uploaded and unpacked the downloader, a lighter and smaller file package that downloads the entirety of the Magento package prior to initiating installation, you will want to navigate to the same directory with an additional/downloader.php to open the Downloader.
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