You have worked in Magento for a long time and believe that you are now master in Magento.
Is it truly? You actually need a Magento Test system to know your ability and learn more from other developers?
And here comes Magento Certification Quiz for you!
Magento Certification Quiz is developed by Magestore and certified by many professional Magento developers. Each test consists of 20 multiple-choice questions covered a wide range of Magento topics. For each account signed up, there is randomly chosen test.


  • Sign up first to take a test, how easy:
Magento Test Signup Form - Magestore Magento Test Tool
  • In the left navigation panel, clicking on the Exams tab to start the test. Remember, you only have 20 minutes to complete 20 questions within your exam.
Magento Test - Magestore Magento Test Tool

  • A calculator is provided for your best.
  • Your test will be supervised and the results become available immediately.
Taking the test will be not only challenging but also very rewarding, as you can review your knowledge, enhance your critical thinking and improve your Magento understanding.
Magento Test Certificate - Magestore Magento Test Tool
Contestants of course will receive a certificate. You can print or share it onto your social pages instantly and easily. The above picture show the score of 8/10, which was belonged to one professional tester and developer of Magento. Do you believe your knowledge can defeat him?
Let’s take a test to find out how good you are at Magento and then you can challenge your friends. Good luck my friends.
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